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An OSD Help Browser for VDR. You can read VDR User Manual and other plain text help files on the TV screen.

German - OSD item
German - Help contents
German - Random article
English - OSD item
English - Help contents
English - Random article
Russian - OSD item'
Russian - Help contents
Russian - Random article

Hardware requirements


Software requirements

VDR (any version will do)


See plugin installation

cp -R $SOURCEDIR/VDR/PLUGINS/src/aide/aide /etc/vdr/plugins

With the new aide-mod version all help files are placed into the ../help/<LANGUAGE> directories.


The language codes are:

"eng", // English
"deu", // German
"slv", // Slovenian
"ita", // Italian
"dut", // Dutch
"por", // Portugese
"fra", // French
"nor", // Norwegian
"fin", // Finnish
"pol", // Polish
"esl", // Spanish
"ell", // Greek
"sve", // Swedish
"rom", // Romanian
"hun", // Hungarian
"cat", // Catalan
"rus", // Russian
"hrv", // Croatian


Regular PAL/SECAM TV resolution is too small for reading unformatted texts. The help files must be prepared to look better on screen.


[1] http://vdr.bluox.org/download/vdr-aide Old plugin homepage
[2] ftp://ftp.altlinux.ru/pub/people/slava Multilingual "mod" version and VDR manuals in several languages.