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Enables the LCD display of the Activy300 boxes from Siemens and allows navigation in the VDR menu where oversized lines are scrolled. It also shows a progress bar while replaying media.

The frontpanel buttons of the Activy are also supported. Some additional keypresses are realized by pressing more than one button at once.


Key Function
Up Up
Down Down
Left Left
Right Right
Ok Ok
Left/Right Menu
Up/Down Red
Up/Right Blue
Left/Down Eject CDROM
"Power" and short after "ok" Shutdown

Hardware requirements

  • Activy 300 Media Center from Fujitsu Siemens

Software requirements

  • none


See plugin installation


  • Display "hangs" randomly during heavy channel switching with the Activy300 remote control or keyboard. LIRC remote controls seem to work.
  • Plugin does not run on "newer" Activys 320/350 and Activy 2xx.


[1] Plugin homepage
[2] newer Versions of this Plugin can be found in the Downloads Section