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This plugin enables VDR to get input from an analog radio device, as it can be found on many analog tv tuner cards. It uses video4linux functions to control /dev/radioX.


Simply switch to the channel, you want to listen to, as you switch to a usual tv channel. It should behave like all the DVB radio channels.

Key Description
Right Fast forward (5 sec.)
Left Fast backward (5 sec.)
Up Next song

Hardware requirements

  • analog radio card (or analog tv card with radio part)

Software requirements

  • none


See plugin installation.



This are the commandline parameter for the plugin.

Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-a CMD --after=CMD execute command after muting the radio device
-b CMD --before=CMD execute command before unmuting the radio device
-d DEV --devdsp=DEV set dsp device (default: /dev/dsp)
-r DEV --devradio=DEV set radio device (default: /dev/radio)


  • Recording is possible, but pause and everything that differs from simple playback seams broken.


[1] Plugin homepage