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Author: Herbert Attenberger

Mit dem Plugin werden automatisch Musiktitel im Hintergrund mit entsprechender Benennung und ID3-Tag aufgenommen. Die titelweise Aufnahme läuft parallel auf bis zu 12 Radiokanälen der ARD mit dem Feature Radiotext plus , wie z.B. "DAS MODUL", Eins_Live, YOU_FM, WDR_2, SWR3 usw., sobald eine DVB-Karte frei ist, oder auf den entsprechenden Transponder umgeschaltet wird.

Als Dateiformat kann momentan zwischen dem original-Format mp2 MPEG-1_Audio_Layer_2 und dem mp3-Format (mit einstellbarer Bitrate) gewählt werden.

Beide Dateiformate können ohne Probleme mit dem mp3-plugin wiedergegeben werden, oder mit weiterer Software in andere Formate gewandelt werden.

In einem Nachbearbeitungsprozess kann einstellbar über das Setup-Menü ein fade-in und/oder fade-out Effekt hinzugefügt werden. Dadurch wird ein ungenauer Anfang bzw ein ungenaues Ende verwischt.

Zukünftig wird das Plugin um weitere Aufnahmemechanismen (wie z.B. die Aufnahme von PayRadio Sendern mit der Titel/Artist Bezeichnung im EPG wie Premiere , DMX ...) erweitert.

This plugin records in background music and collects automatically name and added ID3-Tag. The recording by title runs in parallel on up to 12 radio channels of the ARD channel with the feature Radiotext plus, ie. "DAS MODUL", Eins_Live, YOU_FM, WDR_2, SWR3 and others, as soon as a DVB device is unused or is tuned on this Transponder.

The file format can be choosen between mp2 (as transmitted) or converted to mp3 with adjustable bitrate.


Last Update 03/2009



Software Requirements


Adjust the recordings directory on command line:

-P"audiorecorder -r /mp3/audiorecorder"


Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-r <DIR> --recdir=<DIR> recording directory (mandatory)
-d <LEVEL> --debug=<LEVEL> Debug-Level (0 = off, 1 = error, 2 = verbose)


Recommended Radio Stations

on Astra:

DAS MODUL;ARD BR:12265:hC34:S19.2E:27500:0:161=deu:0:0:28406:1:1093:0

Version History

Version Date Description Link
0.1.0-pre14 09.03.2009 DL
0.1.0-pre6 05.09.2006
  • fixed a possible crash in cXmlCache::copy_to_objects()
  • added the namespace "a-land" to tinyxml to avoid a segfault when used together with the setup plugin/path
0.1.0-pre5 01.09.2006
  • added casts to uint64_t to avoid an integer overflow (suggested by egal & lordjaxom on, cDispatcher::check_free_disc_space()).
  • added "min. free disc space (in mb)" to setup menu. the recording is stopped if the free space on the recording-directory is smaller than this value (suggested by egal on
  • added "max. tracks in queue" to setup menu. the recording is stopped if this value is achived. recording is startet again at 25 % of this value (suggested by egal on
  • now artist and title are converted to capital letters (for better detecting of doubled recordings).
  • after switching a channel, the next receiver is attached after at minimum 30 seconds (thx to andipiel from, cDispatcher()).
  • removed track.c and track.h
  • introduced caching (xml-base.[c,h], xml-cache.[c,h] and cache.[c,h]). tinyxml is used for the xml-handling, so thx a lot to the authors ... look at for more informations.
  • introduced menu and browser (menu.[c,h], browse[c,h], browse-item[c,h])
  • code cleanup, replaced most c-functions with the according c++/stl function.
  • add "pause if osd is open" to setup menu.
  • moved hr3, hr1 and swr3 to the end of the channels-list (dispatcher.c)
  • added possible album, track or year-values (trackinfo.h)
0.1.0-pre4 17.07.2006
  • complete rewrite of the recording stuff. now there are up to !!! 12 !!! parallel recordings possible (cDispatcher()).
  • better/more checks of the rtp_tags (cRds::correct_rtp_tag()).
  • fixed a bug in cRds::set_next_frame().
  • some cosmetic changes.
  • introduced service-interface for communication with other plugins (you can use the header file service.h).
  • reduced the verbosity of the plugin. debugging could be enabled on stdout with the commandline argument -d or --debug=.
0.1.0-pre3 26.06.2006
  • a small bugfix in cRds::decode_rtp().
0.1.0-pre2 26.06.2006
  • replaced localtime with thread-safe localtime_r (cAudioreceiver::get_path()).
  • try to catch wrong rtp-tags (cRds::correct_rtp_tags()).
  • add support for reencoding into mp3 format.
0.1.0-pre1 16.06.2006
  • Initial revision.

Current Version



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