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Author: Michael Schneider

This plugin blocks certain programs based on search terms in the electronic program guide.


Last updated 04/2012

The block-plugin is a fork of the orphaned taste-plugin from LordJaxom. It is based on a CVS checkout of the taste-plugin from January 2010 and patches from TomG and mapovi.

This plugin

  • blocks TV program based on their EPG title when switching channel
  • Tsyncs the current EPG title in background
  • has a whitelist functionality
  • allows to set an optional Parental Control (child lock).

Furthermore, stations can be considered without or with an empty EPG.

  • Instead of a blocked broadcast a black screen without audio appears, together with a message in the OSD (default: 2 seconds).


Git Versionen

git clone git://

Aktuelle Version



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  2. Thread im VDR-Portal

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