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Author: Sascha Volkenandt

The burn plugin lets you choose the recordings you want to burn as DVD, automatically creates menus and finally burns the DVD. If the recordings are too big in size, they are requantizised to save space.


Last Update 12/2011

DVD Types

Video DVD with menu

The created DVD shows a start screen, listing all recordings. Each recording has a submenu showing it's EPG info.

Video DVD with menu

The created DVB starts immediately, without having a start screen.

Archive DVD

A non-standard DVD.


A DVD playable on all standard players, which includes a few extra files. Together with the Dvdarchive-patch, VDR handles this DVD like its usual recordings.


Hardware requirements

  • DVD writer (optional)
  • 10GB free HDD space for converting recordings in background (~3x recording size)

Software requirements

  • VDRsync
  • Project X (z.B. or newer)
    • jre
    • common-net
    • jakarta-oro
  • M2VRequantiser, transcode with --enable-deprecated or requant_lxdvdrip (vdrburn-dvd.sh needs to be modified)
  • libgd
    • expat
  • dvdauthor
    • libxml
  • growisofs
  • mkisofs
  • mjpegtools
  • eject
  • genindex
  • pxsup2dast (optional for closed capture)
  • boost



DDVDDEV=/dev/dvd DVD-Burn device (= Parameter -D --dvd=<DEV>)
ISODIR=/video path for ISO images (= Parameter -i <DIR> --iso=<DIR>)
datadir=/tmp path for temporal Files during Demux/Mux/creating ISOs (= Parameter -d <DIR> --datadir <DIR> )
tempdir=/tmp path for temporal Files during Demux/Mux/creating ISOs (= Parameter -d <DIR> --datadir <DIR> )
DEBUG=1 be verbose


Add the following entry to your reccmds.conf

Mark for DVD-Writer: /usr/bin/burnmark.sh -add
Delete Mark        : /usr/bin/burnmark.sh -del


Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-d DIR --datadir=DIR use DIR for temporary files (default: /dev/dvd)
-D DEV --dvd=DEV use DEV as DVD Writer (default /dev/dvd)
-i DIR --iso=DIR use DIR to store ISO images (default: none)


  • No transcoding (Videos must be DVD compliant)
  • Display problems with VDR >= 1.3.7


[1] http://projects.vdr-developer.org/projects/plg-burn Currently maintained version
[2] http://linux.kompiliert.net/contrib/ Older versions
[3] http://www.xeatre.tv/community/burn Plugin homepage (ancient version)
[4] http://vdr.unetz.com/download Enhanced version (also very old)
[5] http://vdrsync.vdr-portal.de vdrsync.pl
[6] http://metakine.com/files requant
[7] http://www.transcoding.org/ transcode
[8] http://enlightenment.org/pages/imlib2.html imlib2
[9] http://dvdauthor.sourceforge.net dvdauthor
[10] http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW dvd+rwtools
[11] http://mjpeg.sourceforge.net mjpegtools
[12] http://www.imagemagick.org ImageMagick