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Image:cpumon-plugin-00.jpg|''plotting dots with legend.'']]
Image:cpumon-plugin-00.jpg|''plotting dots with legend.''
Image:cpumon-plugin-01.jpg|''plotting lines with legend.'']]
Image:cpumon-plugin-01.jpg|''plotting lines with legend.''

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Author: Philipp Glass

Outputs information from /proc/stat for user, system, nice and idle processes as diagram on OSD.


Last Update 07/2009



If the plugin is enabled by menu or "HotKey", the last 150 readings of CPU usage are displayed.

Using "kDown" the grid can be toggled. The four color keys toggle four separate functions. "kUp" resets/re-reads values. Any other key stops display of values (bg task stays active).

Software Requirements

  • /proc/stat needs to exist (kernel config)


Inside the Setup-Menu

  • time interval for readings and
  • display modus

can be changed:

Modus Description
dots values are displayed as single dots.
lines (>= v0.0.3) values are displayed as lines.
filled (>= v0.0.5) values as bar chart

Current Version



  1. Plugins Homepage
  2. Mirror