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Displays are mostly used to display channel information, as shown briefly on the OSD after channel switching.

When the menu is called, this is also displayed on the display. Therefore it is possible to control VDR without a connected/enabled TV, e.g. to use VDR only as MP3 player.

There are basically three display types

Type Remark Needed VDR plugin Bild
Alphanumeric LC-Displays Letter and digits only LCDproc Display with 20x4 characters
Graphic LC-Displays black and white only GraphLCD Display mit 240x128 Pixeln
Colored TFT-Displays Plugin in early beta state GraphTFT

The graphic LC-Displays are relatively expensive. Therefore some people use the PSone LCD for purposes other than intended.

LCDs are working on the basis of liquid crytals in contrast to VFDs (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) which are working with fluorescent gases and have a greater contrast.