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em84xx is an output-plugin for all em84xx-based decoder-cards and onboard-decoders.

These instructions were tested and are working with an Intel P4 system, using Debian kernel 2.6.20 and a Sigma Designs RealMagic Xcard with an em8475 chip.

Get the realmagic-0.2.3 driver, which at this time can be found here:

   [realmagic-0.2.3.rar - http://www.zshare.net/download/4711211f908718/]

Copy the contents of realmagic-0.2.3/lib to /usr/lib

Build the realmagic84xx.ko

   cd /path_to/realmagic-0.2.3

and then


Copy the realmagic84xx.ko where_ever.

   insmod /where_ever/realmagic84xx.ko

Further more you can:

Create a directory:

   mkdir /lib/modules/your_kernel_version/misc

Copy the module:

   cp realmagic84xx.ko /lib/modules/your_kernel_version/misc

Finally issue this:


And here is the vdr-em84xx-0.0.15, the em84xx VDR plugin modified for NTSC component video out:

   [vdr-em84xx-0.0.15.rar http://www.zshare.net/download/47139532ee99d1/]

Install it like any other VDR plugin by copying it into your '/PLUGINS/src' and make a symlink 'em84xx' to it.

Then compile the plugins from the vdr-source-dir with:

   make plugins

If you want mplayer support, compile with EMMPLAYER=1.

Add to your VDR start line: