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# [http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/html/vdr-epg-search__english_.html Plugin homepage]
# [http://winni.vdr-developer.org/epgsearch/index_eng.html Plugin homepage]

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The EPGSearch plugin shows reruns of television shows and allows searching the EPG data. The search settings are stored for later reuse, and can be used as 'search timers'.

The 'search timers', search for broadcasts in the background and add a timer if one matches (similar to VDRAdmin's auto-timers) or simply announce it via OSD.

Once you have created your searches, any programme(s) matching your criteria (Programme title/description; start/end time; channel etc.), it will be recorded. So you can record every episode of a series automatically.

A timer-conflict-check checks in the background for overlapping timers and if one cannot be record it informs the user via OSD. The conflict can then be resolved with an easy to handle OSD menu.

Epgsearch can inform you with an email at timer-updates and/or at timer-conflicts and you can use user defined variables for use in searchtimers and for calling external scripts to influence timer creation.

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

  1. epgsearch >= Version 0.9.17: only vdr >= 1.3.46
  2. epgsearch < Version 0.9.16: vdr >= 1.3.7


See plugin installation.


With version 0.9.18 the default place for the configuration files has changed. Please read the HISTORY.

There are too much features to describe them all here. But you can read the great documentation online:



This plugin can be used as standard schedule viewer. therefor the /etc/vdr/keymacros.conf file has to altered

# Remote control key macros for VDR
# Format:
# macrokey  key1 key2 key3...
# macrokey  @plugin key1 key2 key3...
# See man vdr(5)

Red       @pilot
Green     @epgsearch
Blue      Timers
Yellow    @prefermenu

Problems and wish list


  1. Plugin homepage