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This is a "plugin" for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

Written by: Martin Prochnow (nordlicht@martins-kabuff.de)

Project's homepage: http://martins-kabuff.de/extrecmenu_en.html

See the file COPYING for license information.

I want to thank to following contributors: - Mike Constabel <mike@constabel.net> for the skript dvdarchive.sh - Rolf Ahrenberg <rahrenbe@cc.hut.fi> for the finnish translation - Patrice Staudt <staudt@engsystem.net> for the frensh translation - Vladimír Bárta <vladimir.barta@k2atmitec.cz> for the czech translation


The EXTended RECordings MENU plugin provides additional functions to VDR's recordings menu:

  • renaming recordings and directories
  • moving recordings and directories, also between different filesystems
  • adjustable display of recording's length, date and size
  • directories are always shown on top of the list
  • reworked layout using icons for showing the status of list entries (directory, new recording, moving recording/directory, cutting recording, dvd archiv entry)
  • extended recordings info menu, shows name, path, channel, size, lifetime and priority of the recording
  • free disk space is shown for the filesystem of the current directory
  • sorting by name or date, adjustable for each directory; type of sorting will be stored
  • ascending/descending sorting
  • extends VDR's '-r'-option commands with 'move' and 'rename'
  • functionality of the DVDArchive-patch (see below)
  • protecting recordings in co-work with the PIN-plugin
  • a cutter queue