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Author: Martin Prochnow, extended by Carsten Siebholz and Andreas Mair

Extended Recordings Menu is a an extended recording menu for vdr.


Last Update 04/2012

Detailled Description

Extrecmenu has the same functionality as the VDR one, you can choose a recording, show infos and play it and apply commands to a recording.

With extrecmenu, recordings can be renamed, moved (including creating subdirs) and move/rename folders. Sorting ascending/descending is individually possible for each folder. Together with the PIN-Plugin playing and editing recordings can be restricted.

Also the DVDArchive-patch functions are included, you may archive to DVD (data DVD), but use the standard list of recordings.



Intuitive as the standard recordings menu.

Software Requirements

  • Dvd-plugin (optional, for Video-DVDs in list of recordings)


If the PIN-Plugin should be used to protect recordings, Makefile Option WITHPINPLUGIN=1 needs to be uncommented.

To use DVD-Archive Function, the script dvdarchive.sh needs to copied to $PATH.

cd $SOURCEDIR/VDR/PLUGINS/src/extrecmenu
for i in contrib/* ; do gcc $i -o scripts/${i:(-11):9} ; done
find $PWD/scripts -type f -exec ln -fs {} /usr/local/bin \;


There is a Patch for VDR in folder contrib to completely replace the original recordings menu.

Current Version



  1. Plugins Homepage
  2. Homepage dvdarchive.sh