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Shows DVB signal information on the OSD.

|## Channel Name ########################## [AR][VF][A/DD][D]|
|[=====Signal Strength in % ==============|=================]|
|[=====Signal-to-Noise Ratio in % ========|=================]|
| STR: #0000 (0%)       BER: #00000000       Video: 0 Mbit/s |
| SNR: #0000 (0%)       UNC: #00000000       Audio: 0 kbit/s |
| [LOCK]     [SIGNAL]     [CARRIER]     [VITERBI]     [SYNC] |

STR     - Signal strength
SNR     - Signal-to-noise ratio
BER     - Bit error rate
UNC     - Uncorrected blocks
Video   - Calculated video bitrate in Mbit/s
Audio   - Calculated audio / AC-3 bitrate in kbit/s

LOCK    - Everything's working...
SIGNAL  - Found something above the noise level
CARRIER - Found a DVB signal
VITERBI - FEC (forward error correction) is stable
SYNC    - Found sync bytes

AR      - Aspect Ratio: 1:1/4:3/16:9/2.21:1 (optional)
VF      - Video format: PAL/NTSC (optional)
A/DD    - Audio (0..5) / AC-3 track (optional)
D       - Device number: 0..3 (optional)


Key Description
ChanUp/ChanDn Switch channel up/down
Up/Down Switch channel up/down
0-9 Select channel
Ok Switch between display modes: basic, transponder, stream, AC-3
Green Select next audio track
Back Exit plugin
Right/Left Switch to next/previous device that provides the current channel

Femon - A real womon who lives according to her natural feminine inclinations.

Hardware requirements

  • DVB card

Software requirements


See plugin installation


Option Description
FEMON_NTSC=1 OSD defaults for NTSC system
FEMON_DEBUG=1 Additional debugging information


  • The plugin supports only those DVB cards with _one_ frontend (do any cards with multiple frontends even exist?), because I haven't yet figured howto do it without patching the VDR core.
  • Disable the stream analyze to speed up heavy zapping sessions.
  • The signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio values are comparable only between the same brand/model frontends. Due to the lack of proper frontend specifications those values cannot be calculated into any real units.
  • If the OSD isn't visible, you've configured the OSD height too big or too small. Please, try to adjust the variable on the setup page before writing any bug reports.
  • There's a shrinked default OSD height for NTSC users: make NTSC_SYSTEM=1
  • The device switching feature is still non-functional.


[1] http://www.saunalahti.fi/~rahrenbe/vdr/femon Plugin homepage