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!bgcolor=#ffff00| Yellow || One page backward
!bgcolor=#ffff00| Yellow || One page backward
!bgcolor=#0000ff| Blue  || Set timer for selected event
!bgcolor=#efefef| Back  || Quit without channel-switching
!bgcolor=#efefef| Back  || Quit without channel-switching

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The FEPG plugin shows the EPG in a different way and allows the navigation through the EPG events.


Key Description
Up Channel +
Down Channel -
Left 30 minutes to the left
Right 30 minutes to the right
Red One page forward
Green Open/close the information window
Yellow One page backward
Blue Set timer for selected event
Back Quit without channel-switching
  • If selected and active : confirm and quit
  • If inactive : open information window
  • In the information window : close information window
0..9 Jump to channel ...

Hardware requirements

Software requirements


See plugin installation



[1] http://fepg2.f2g.net/ Plugin homepage