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Author: Olivier DJIAN

FreeboxTv is a plugin which adds a new source device to VDR to let you watch TV programs provided by the french ISP "FREE" via his triple-play box named "Freebox".

To get the selected TV programs, the Freebox connects to a stream server using the RTSP protocol. So this plugin should also work with any RTSP server, even if this was not really tested yet.

Please read INSTALL for more informations about pre-requisites and/or limitations.

Hardware requirements

  • Internet Subscription
  • Enough bandwith to enable TV streaming

Software requirements

This plugin needs LIVE555 Streaming Media library to work. You can get it from the site


See plugin installation and included INSTALL file

Problems / Limitations

This plugin was only tested with sessions contaning only one subsession using MP2T codec.

Multiples audio tracks in incoming streams are not managed yet. Only the first one (first declared in APID field of channels.conf) will playback.


[1] Plugin homepage