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Some of the VDR ebuilds have been added to the portage tree of, but the main part of them is in the german CVS of

If you want to use portage for the VDR Ebuilds, you can use the PORTAGE_OVERLAY functionality by following the steps below:

For updating the ebuilds you will use gensync from the gentoolkit-dev package:

emerge gentoolkit-dev
mkdir -p /usr/local/gentoo-de

In /etc/gensync/gentoo-de.syncsource write

description=" Portage Overlay"
# mirror is the none with all VDR ebuilds!!!
# overlay="/my/absolute/path"

Now you can download our Ebuilds by means of gensync, and later also with the same command to keep them up to date.

gensync gentoo-de

Change the PORTDIR_OVERLAY Variable in /etc/make.conf:

  • Linux Portage tree mirror
  • and Linux Portage tree mirror


[1] Portage snapshots