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==Basic installation==
==Basic installation==
* [[GENTOO Basic system|Basic system]]
* [[GENTOO Basic system|Basic system]]
* [[GENTOO Ebuilds|Install VDR ebuilds from gentoo.de]]  
* [[GENTOO Vdr ebuilds|Install VDR ebuilds from gentoo.de]]  
* Emerge, configure and start the first [[GENTOO Installation|VDR installation]]
* Emerge, configure and start the first [[GENTOO Installation|VDR installation]]

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Gentoo Linux is a special kind of Linux distribution. Nearly every software application is build and optimized for your system. Extreme performance, configurability and a first-class user and developer community are the quality marks of Gentoo.

Thanks to the Portage system, Gentoo is well-suited as

  • secure server
  • development system
  • professional workstation
  • gaming system
  • embedded system
  • what ever you like...

This is the reason Gentoo is called a meta distribution.

Assets and drawbacks

+ Support for x86-, PowerPC-, UltraSparc- und Alpha + Live-CD based installation for x86 und PowerPC + Several optimiced Linux kernel (2.4.xx-gs, 2.6.xx) + Modern development system (glibc 2.x, gcc 3.x.x) + Great choice of file systems (ReiserFS, XFS, ext3, EVMS, LVM, ...) + Great hardware support (NVIDIA, Creative Labs Live! und Audigy) + Modular OpenGL- und Compiler-Sub-System + Over 4000 modern and up-to-date software packages + Extended Portage capabilities - Linux knowledge required

Basic installation

VDR plugins

VDR addons


[1] http://gentoo.org Gentoo