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This page is about a branch of the GraphLCD plugin with built-in support for skins. The GraphLCD plugin integrates a graphical display into VDR and make it possible to control VDR even if the television is off.

The branch was started by Andreas 'powarman' Regel but was then abandoned and given to new maintainers by his request.

The functionality of this branch is rather impressive but unfortunately the code is hardly documented.

So this page will be used as a starting point for collecting and formatting its features. Thus this page will be started being a pigsty and improved 'along the way'.

graphlcd with skin

Hardware requirements and installation of prerequisites

look at GraphLCD plugin.


  • First of all a current version (contains included skin support) of graphlcd-base (library with low level drivers and basic functionality) needs to be installed:
    • Get current version from the GIT repoository:
  git clone git://
  • compile and install the library

  • Then the VDR plugin needs to be retreived, installed, and compiled:
    • Get current version of the branch from the GIT repository:
  git clone git:// -b 0.2.0 vdr-plugin-graphlcd_0.2.0
  ln -s vdr-plugin-graphlcd_0.2.0 graphlcd
  • compile plugin, eg:
  make plugins

Everything else is the same as described in plugin installation.


At the end, the directory with the logos has to be copied to /etc/vdr/plugins

cp -r $SOURCEDIR/VDR/PLUGINS/src/graphlcd/graphlcd /etc/vdr/plugins


Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-c CFG --config=CTR use CFG as driver config file
-d DISP --display=DISP use display DISP for ouput
-s SKIN --skin=SKIN use skin SKIN (default is "default")
-p SKINPATH path to skin files



[1] new plugin homepage
[2] page for skin branch