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There are (at least) four different types of Hauppauge PVR cards and if you want use one of these cards you should read this informations here carefully.

Hauppauge PVR (without number) (NOT SUPPORTED!)

This is the oldest PVR card. It has an kfir hardware MPEG2 encoder, but unfortunally there is no linux driver support for this encoder. You can use it with the bttv driver, but this driver does not support hardware encoders and has some problems with sound. NOT RECOMMENDED.

Hauppauge PVR 150/500

This card has an hardware encoder (but no hardware decoder and no tv out) and is *newly* supported by ivtv. As the card has an v4l2 interface like the other cards, it is also supported by analogv plugin. As this card does not have the hardware MPEG decoder and no TV out you can use this card like a Budget DVB card only as DVB input device, for TV out and OSD you need an additional output device. But please note: these card needs the *newest ivtv drivers* you can get, at least 0.3.8

The PVR 500 is the combination of two 150er on one printed circuit board.

Hauppauge PVR 250

This card has an hardware encoder (but no hardware decoder and no tv out) and is well supported by ivtv and analogtv plugin. The encoder saves CPU load and works very well. As this card does not have the hardware MPEG decoder and no TV out you can use this card like a Budget DVB card only as DVB input device, for TV out and OSD you need an additional output device. An general HowTo describing the setup of that cards has Wirbel described in that Posting im VDR-Portal (german only): [1]

Abbildung: PVR250

Hauppauge PVR 350

Additionally to the features of the PVR 250 this card has an Radio tuner (up to now not running with ivtv but planned) and an hardware decoder (supported by ivtv), which can be used with the PVR350 Plugin as VDR output device. Therefore you can build with that card a standalone analogue VDR or use this with budget cards i.e. for DVB-T. The setup of an PVR 350 is nearly the same as for the PVR250, except the additional needed PVR350 Plugin. Some older versions of the PVR 250 have the same hardware decoder (cx23415) as the PVR 350, but not the tv out and not the radio tuner..

Hauppauge PVR USB

Supported, driver at sourceforge. Handling nearly like PVR250. More info at the PVRUSB project

Hauppauge PVR USB2

PVR USB2 has like PVR350 a hardware encoder and -decoder and a radio tuner. But this card has no tv out. Supported by linux driver in early stage, needs linux-2.6.x and the hotplug package. drivers:

Hauppauge Model Synopsis and internal names(all models)

848 based boards have the following Model numbers:
 56XXX  Mattituck  WinCast
 58XXX "Little Mattituc" WinTv analogue
 60XXX "Plum Island" EuroCast
878 based boards have the following Model numbers:
 64xxx  Capture only (Impact VCB)
 61xxx  "Robins Island"
 44xxx   Neptune
 39xxx  Bridgehampton (WinTV-D ?)
 38xxx  Orient Point
 37xxx  Aquebogue WinTV Theatre
881 based boards have the following Model numbers:
 34xxx  Pluto
 33xxx ????
Model 14xxx: WinTV-HVR-3000
Model 15101: DV Wizard (1394 Firewire)
Model 23xxx: Amity2DT PVR500-MCE (WinTV-PVR-500)
Model 24xxx: WinTV-PVR-USB2 (see also 29xxx)
Model 25xxx: Baldwin2 (low profile) PVR150LP-MCE
Model 26xxx: Amity2 PVR150-MCE
             260xx: WinTV PVR-150 Retail (no radio, with IR, no Audio RCA)
             265xx: WinTV PCR-150 MCE (and OEM) (with radio, no IR, with Audio RCA)
Model 28xxx: Roslyn, OEM only ! (follows Conexant Blackbird reference Design)
             This card has sometimes been incorrectly called the "PVR-250MCE". It has no official name other than its codename: "Rosyln
             In US it was also sold as PVR-160 (by Fry electronics and others...)
Model 29xxx: Dering Harbor WinTV PVR USB2 /Retail (see also 24xxx)
Model 30xxx: Baldwin1 or "Baldwin Harbor" (PVR 250 MCE LP)
Model 32xxx: Amity1 or "Amity Harbor" WinTV PVR 250 /Retail (32059 MultiPAL, 32065 PAL B/G)
             320xx: WinTV PVR 250 (no Radio, with IR, no RCA Audio)
             325xx: WinTV PVR 250 MCE (or OEM or Freestyle) (with Radio, no IR, with Audio RCA)
Model 39xxx: WinTV-D
Model 40xxx: Waterville WinTV USB /USB FM/ MyTV2Go (Mac)
Model 42xxx: Deltron WinTV USB2
Model 43xxx: Uranus WinTV PVR USB
Model 45xxx: "Solo Jr." WinTV PVR PCI (with Kfir chip)
Model 46xxx: WinTV HD (ATSC/NTSC)
Model 48xxx: Sag Harbor  
             Model 480xx: PVR 250 ?? (without saa7127, no tv out)
             Model 481xx: PVR 350 ?? (with saa7127, with tv out)
             Model 484xx: OEM Freestyle aka PVR 250 MCE( white and red audio r+l rca jacks)
Model 64xxx: New Suffolk  Impact VCB
Model 65xxx: WinTV-HVR-900 (EM2880)
Model 69xxx: WinTV-HVR-4000
Model 69100: WinTV-Nova-HD-S2 (DVB-S2)
Model 74xxx: WinTV-HVR-1600
Model 78xxx: WinTV-HVR-1800
Model 86xxx: "Video Dongle" MVP / MediaMVP
Model 90xxx: Chelsea  Nova-T PCI (after August 2004)
             Model 90501: (UHF/VHF), 
             Model 90500: (UHF) Nova-T MCE Chelsea DVB-T
Model 92xxx: Bremman  WinTV-Nova-S-Plus / WinTV-Nova-SE2 (only DVB-S connector, no other connectors)
Model 93xxx: Nova-T USB2 (Soho)
Model 94xxx: WinTV-HVR-1100 (Oxford)
Model 96xxx: WinTV-HVR-1300 (Dover)
Model 98xxx: WinTV-HVR-1100 LP (Oxford HH)
Model 99xxx: WinTV-Nova-T-500
Unknown Model: WinTV-Nova-S (=Technotrend ?)
Unknown Model: WinTV-Nova-CI-S
Unknown Model: WinTV-Nova-S USB
Unknown Model: WinTV-Nova-T USB
Unknown Model: WinTV-Nova-T Stick
Unknown Model: WinTV-Nova-TD Stick
Unknown Model: WinTV-Nexus-S
Unknown Model: WinTV-Nexus-CA
Unknown Model: DEC3000-S
Unknown Model: DEC2000-T
Unknown Model: DEC1100-T
Unknown Model: WinTV-HVR-930 (France?)
Unknown Model: WinTV-HVR-950 (USA, with ATSC)
Note: MCE boards have no IR, but use the bracket space for RCA Audio (R+L)
Note2: The term "Freestyle" is often used for OEM non-Retail versions of the cards. These are MCE cards technically.
Note3: Sometimes OEM cards have fm radio (where the retail cards lacks this)


These are the plugin for using these cards, you have to choose one: