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! Parameter
! Description
| -a NUM || Number of dvb card to use (0,1,...)
| -a NUM || Number of dvb card to use (0,1,...)

Latest revision as of 11:57, 19 March 2006


Hardware requirements

  • FF DVB 1.3 (hw_sections=1)
  • or TT DVB budget
  • or Typhoon DVB-s
  • or Skystar2

Software requirements


tar jxvf infosatepg-<VERSION>.tar.bz2
cd infosatepg-<VERSION>
make DVBDIR=$SOURCEDIR/DVB/include \


The easiest way to start InfoSatEGP is through the commands menu. Therefor add the following line to the /etc/vdr/commands.conf

Run infosatepg : /usr/local/bin/[[infosatepg.sh]]

To pass the data over to VDR, one can use Hoerzu2vdr. The line

- TvUrlinfosat = /vdr/infosatepg-0.0.2/received_data/infosat_#DAY#_#MONTH#;
+ TvUrlinfosat = $SOURCEDIR/infosatepg/received_data/infosat_#DAY#_#MONTH#;

has to be added to the hoerzu2vdr.conf.


Parameter Description
-a NUM Number of dvb card to use (0,1,...)
-d NUM Number of demux device to use (normally 0)
-c NUM Channel to switch vdr to (example viva)
-o DIR Write output-files to dir (default: ./received_data)
-h Display this help
-O FILE dumps the sections to file
-i FILE read sections from file
-q More quiet output
-v More verbose output
-C receive complete Stream



[1] http://www.siehferninfo.de EPG for TechniSat* Digital-Receiver
[2] http://www.herzomedia.net/schwarzott/vdr InfoSatEPG homepage
[3] http://www.wontorra.net Hoerzu2VDR homepage