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===Available modules===
To be continued...

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The Installsscript is a tool that the handles the conventional installation steps with a collection of scripts.



  • Development environment

check needed requirements by this command:

bash> sh vdr-install-script-current.run -- --checkreq

On sarge it needs libncurses5-dev & subversion plus others obvious (if you typed in previous command) packages


First of all

  • Linux knowledge is required
  • It is useful to have experiences in compiling VDR and it's component manually

Scripts customisation


bash> sh vdr-install-script-current.run --noexec --target /tmp/vdr bash> cd /tmp/vdr/setup

The following files should be adapted according to your needs

+-- Bild:Folder.png $DISDIR

   +-- Bild:Folder.png setup
       +-- Bild:Folder.png config
           |--+ setup.conf
           |--+ make.conf
           |--+ modules.conf
           |--+ sources.conf
           |--+ marks2pts.conf
           |--+ keymacros.conf
       +-- Bild:Folder.png examples
           +-- Bild:Folder.png plugins
               +-- Bild:Folder.png mailbox
                   |--+ accounts.conf
           +-- Bild:Folder.png vdr
               |--+ vdr.conf

Die meisten Optionen können unabhängig von der setup.conf auf der Komandozeile übergeben werden:

bash> LANG="de_DE@euro" ./setup.sh --help bash> LANG="de_DE@euro" sh vdr-install-script-current.run -- --help

To be continued...


[1] ftp://ftp.cadsoft.de/vdr/Tools VDR FTP
[2] http://linvdr.org/download/vdr/Tools Download mirror
[3] http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/stow GNU Stow project homepage
[4] http://www.inf.tu-dresden.de/~al10/stowES Extensions to Stow
[5] http://linuxwiki.de/Stow Stow Wiki