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==LFS for VDR==
==LFS for VDR==
# [[LFS Reiserfs|Utilisation of ReiserFS]]<BR>
# [[LFS Reiserfs|Utilisation of ReiserFS]] <br/>
# [[LFS Devfs|The DevFS filesystem]]<BR>
# [[LFS Devfs|The DevFS filesystem]] <br/>
# [[LFS Hdparm|DMA mode with hdparm]]<BR>
# [[LFS Hdparm|DMA mode with hdparm]] <br/>
# [[LFS Alsa|The ALSA sound driver]]<BR>
# [[LFS Alsa|The ALSA sound driver]] <br/>
# [[DVB Installation|The DVB driver]]<BR>
# [[DVB Installation|The DVB driver]] <br/>
# [[VDR Installation|VDR installation]]<BR>
# [[VDR Installation|VDR installation]] <br/>
# [[LFS Runvdr|Integration of the runvdr]]<BR>
# [[LFS Runvdr|Integration of the runvdr]] <br/>

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Linux-from-scratch is a Linux system which will be completely self compiled from source tarballs. This self-constuction of a Linux system i much work and highly time consuming, but you can learn a lot.

Assets and drawbacks

+ Absolute freedom
+ Fairly up-to-date
+ Learning effect
o Command of english necessary
- High work and time consuming


  1. Utilisation of ReiserFS
  2. The DevFS filesystem
  3. DMA mode with hdparm
  4. The ALSA sound driver
  5. The DVB driver
  6. VDR installation
  7. Integration of the runvdr


[1] http://www.linuxfromscratch.org Linux From Scratch