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The liemikuutio patch is a successor of the excellent enAIO patch and provides many improvements for VDR's user interface:

  • Rename recordings: press '8' key in the recordings menu or use RENR SVDRP command to edit the name / directory / priority / lifetime of a recording
  • Sort recordings: press '0' key in the recordings menu to toggle sorting of recordings
  • Use fast menu selection: select menu entry directly by number keys
  • Modify detailed data in recordings menu: Setup / Recording / Show date|time|length
  • Change the position of the main menu commands: Setup / OSD / Main menu command position
  • Show progress bars in What's on now? menu: Setup / EPG / Show progress bar

Hardware requirements

  • none

Software requirements

  • patch

Applying the patch

If the patch is compressed you have to unpack it before

gunzip patch

Now you can install it with

patch -p 1 < /path/to/patch

Note, VDR has to be recompiled now, see VDR installation.



[1] Download