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   {{Outdated_Plugins_item|analogtv|use analog TV card <sup>2)</sup>|||x|}}
   {{Outdated_Plugins_item|analogtv|use analog TV card <sup>2)</sup>|||x|}}
   {{Outdated_Plugins_item|archive|archive for DVDs etc. via [[OSD]]<sup>2)</sup>||x|x|x}}
   {{Outdated_Plugins_item|archive|archive for DVDs etc. via [[OSD]]<sup>2)</sup>||x|x|x}}
   {{Outdated_Plugins_item|asterisk client for |{{wikipedia|Asterisk}}<sup>2)</sup>|x|||x}}
   {{Outdated_Plugins_item|asterisk|client for {{wikipedia|Asterisk}}<sup>2)</sup>|x|||x}}
   {{Outdated_Plugins_item|atmo|replica of {{wikipedia|Philips Ambilight}}<sup>3)</sup>|||x|x}}
   {{Outdated_Plugins_item|atmo|replica of {{wikipedia|Philips Ambilight}}<sup>3)</sup>|||x|x}}
   {{Outdated_Plugins_item|audiocd|play Audio CDs via CDROM <sup>2)</sup>|x|||x}}
   {{Outdated_Plugins_item|audiocd|play Audio CDs via CDROM <sup>2)</sup>|x|||x}}

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The list of obsolete VDR Plugins.

All plugins

  • where the last version does no longer work with (at least) vdr-1.7.0 or/and
  • whose source code was last updated times before April 13, 2008 ( Release Date vdr-1.7.0)
  • don't have an official download source or official homepage
  • need outdated hardware which one cannot buy anymore.


Table of Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
advchctrl choose audio volume per channel 3) x (1)
adzap Advertising Zapper 3) x (1)
aide OSD help system x x
amarok amaroK frontend x x x
analogradio Listen radio
analogtv use analog TV card 2) x
archive archive for DVDs etc. via OSD2) x x x
asterisk client for Asterisk2) x x
atmo replica of Ambilight Philips Ambilight3) x x
audiocd play Audio CDs via CDROM 2) x x
autosort Sorting channel lists x x
autotimer Automatic creation of timers x x x
autotimeredit OSD Auto Timer for vdradmin 2) x x
avards automatic video aspect ratio 6) x x x
avolctl soundcard mixer control 2),3) x x x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
bitstreamout Dolby Digital output via ALSA 4) x
browse Small EPG browser x
browser see surfer-plugin
btrcu Bluetooth Remote via mobile phone


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
calc OSD Calculator x x
calendar EPG data in calendar form x
cc View closed captioning x
ccd400 CCD400 camera control
cdda Audio CD Player x x
channelscan Channel Scanner x
channelswitcher Switching between channel lists x x
chanorg Sort Channels x x
clock Shows current time.2) x x
console text console on TV x
csf Sort Channels x
csmon A Card Server Monitor x
cutalot Divide Title in several recordings. X


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
daap a DAAP client x
decruft Deletes channels according to specifications x
digicam Access to digital cameras 2) x x
director use multifeed channels Sky channels 2) x x
ditherndemo Demo for color mixing 2)5) x
dsmcc Mhp-Carousel data (alpha)
dv camcorder access x x
dvdconvert Convert DVDs to vdr format x x
dvdrepg Part of (Videgor)2) x
dvdrsched Part of (Videgor)2) x
dvdrvidtrans Part of (Videgor)2) x
dvdselect See also dvdswitch-plugin x
dxr3 use DXR3/Hollywood+ as output device6) x x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
em84xx em84xx as output device6) x
eggtimer an egg timer 2) x
extb Extension board control 6) x x x x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
freeboxtv use RTSP stream in the VDR2) x
freecell card game Freecell x x
freevo VDR binding to Freevo X


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
games small OSD games collection x x
gstreamer unknown purpose


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
hdmonitor disk monitor 2) x
homeserver KNX/EIB control via GIRA Homeserver 2)


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
iaxphone A simple " soft phone"
image Image viewer via full-featured DVB card 6) x x x
imdbsearch IMDb search for the TV program. 2), 3) x
instantimer switchtimers 2) x
ipod View iPod ITunes DB x
ircviewer viewer for IRC x
isdnlog ISDN call log x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
joystick joystick as remote control x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
kathreinlcd I²C displays


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
launcher launches other plugins 2) x
lcdcontrol LCD TV control via serial port 2), 3) x
led A recording LED
lirc testing LIRC
loose "childlock" - block TV x
logowipeout Channel Logo Remove 2),3),4)
logviewer view VDR/system logs x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
manual Read XML help files x
mcast multicast on the network
mediad Advanced version of vdrcd-plugin 2) x
mediamanager CD/DVD playback 2) x
mediamvp VDR Server Plugin for obsolete Hauppauge MediaMVP x
message interface for shell scripts x
mhp Mhp for VDR
mlcd Use the display of the Siemens Multitainer x
mldonkey MLDonkey plugin 2)
mono channel Experimental, Audio L/R toggling 2)
mosaic Browse in EPG of the mosaic of channels canalsat x
mount (u)mount media per OSD x
mp3ng MP3 Player 2) x x x
mp3oss Fork of mp3-plugin 2)
mplayer Video via MPlayer and FF SD-DVB card X
mplayercluster MPlayer as cluster
music Advanced MP3 Player 2) x x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
nacc North America Subtitle Plugin x
netconfig Change Network Settings + SAMBA shares x
network Change network settings
newsticker news as scrolling line x
noepgmenu Configuration of noepg-patch via OSD x
nordlichtsepg Advanced EPG viewer 2) x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
openmhp free Mhp implementation
osdimage output images from the OSD x
osdout Experimental, output OSD on FrameBuffer


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
pcd Kodak Photo CD Plugin x
perl PERL extension for VDR
picselshow An image viewer 2)
pictures x
pilot EPG search 4) successor:  zappilot
pilotskin EPG search 4) successor:  zappilot
pim Personal information manager x x
pluginsetup managing plugins via OSD
podcatcher Loads and plays podcasts x x
powermate control via Griffin Powermate
prefermenu Favorite Channels x x
proxy Loading other plugins x x
pvrusb2 Hauppauge PVR USB2 as TV card 4) x x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
quicktimer Creates timers


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
radioinfo Additional Info for radio stations x x
radiolist Channel List for Radio Stations x x
recstatus recording status of the recording devices x x
reelbox Reel-HDe as output device
reelchannelscan Channel Scanner x x
relay Controls a relay
roaster Creates DVDs from VDR recordings x x
rock antenna Song Title of radio Rock_Antenne x x
rtextdemo Expansion Radio RDS plugin to 2),3)


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
safe commands provided with Codes x
savechannel saves channel list on channel switch x
serial control via buttons on Serial Interface x x x x
serial remote UIRT IR receiver 2),4) x
serled Status LEDs on Serial Interface x x
setuploadandsave Load/Save of the VDR setup 2)
showrecinfo Detailed information on recordings x
skinclassic classic vdr-skin as plugin x x
skinneutrino DBox neutrino Skin
skinnotrans Transparent Menus x
skinreel reelbox Skin x
sky mpeg2 encoder x x
smtled use Samsung SMT7020S display x x
snapshot Creates Screenshots x x
softdevice An output plugin x x
softdevice2net MPEG streaming with OSD 2) x
softieee1394 use firewire camcorders x x
softplay Play Media via softdevice-plugin x x
solitaire card game Solitary x x
sports Soccer Results x x
statusbits ??? 2)
statusleds keyboard LEDs as recording lamp x
statusandquestion User interaction from shell scripting
stream see streamdev-plugin x
submenu Creates subgroups menu x x
subtitles displays DVB subtitle x x
surfer News Browser x
svdrppara SVDRP control x x
swcon Changes the console x
switchosdpos Change OSD position/size x x
sysconfig frontend to System Configuration
sysinfo system information via OSD x x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
taste avoid TV events using keywords in EPG x x
telecable load EPG via shell script x
teletext teletext viewer 2) x
timersync Timer sync between client and server
touchtft controls VDR with touchscreen x x
transfron GUI for Transcode/MPeg4ip
trayopen Opens the CD/DVD drive x
tvm2vdr Loads EPG data from www.tvmovie.de x x
tvonscreen EPG in the TV magazine format x x x
txtsubs Reads subtitles


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
umsadmin GUI and extensions for CAPI suite x
usbremote Remote plugin for Plug-USB(AVR)2) x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
vbox control VBox telephone answering machine2) x x
vcd S/VCD Video CD Player x x
vdr2qiv external image viewer
vdrc file manager similar to Midnight Commander X
vdrcd media autoplay x x
vdricq ICQ-client plugin
vdrmail emails via OSD 2) x
vdrrec play archived recordings from DVD/CD 2) x
vdrviewer DBOX2 as VDR streaming client
videosystem OSD size for video system 2), 3)
viewer syslog viewer
vod Video_on_Demand x x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
wapd modify/create timers with mobile phone x x
weather Weather x
weatherng Weather data from Internet 2) x x x
webepg loads EPG from Internet 2) x x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
x10 home automation using X10 protocol devices x
X11out X11 output within VDR
xine libxine as VDR output device 2) x x
xms Displays media data from MySQL database. 2.3) x
xvxine Experimental output device via libxine X
xxvautotimer Auto Timer for xxv via OSD x x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x


Plugin Description 1.2.x 1.4.x 1.6.x 1.7.x
zoom Change the video size and aspect ratio 2) x x


1) Patch on external webpage.
2) no homepage anymore.
3) abandoned forum thread instead of homepage
4) obsolete
5) thread in mailing list
6) hardware outdated.

See also

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