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NoAd is a program for detecting commercials in vdr recordings. It uses several characteristics of the film, like station logos and AC3 sound, for the detection and sets the cut marks accordingly.

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

  • libmpeg2
  • ImageMagick (optional)


First install libmpeg2

tar xvzf mpeg2dec-<VERSION>.tar.gz
cd mpeg2dec-<VERSION>
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
make install

Now you can install NoAd as usual

tar jxvf noad-<VERSION>.tar.bz2
cd noad-<VERSION>
./configure --with-mpeginclude=/usr/local/include/mpeg2dec
make install

NoAd needs write access to the video directory!


It's best to start NoAd through the reccmds.conf. So Add the following lines

Run noad                         : /usr/local/bin/ -start
Run noad, all recordings (batch) : /usr/local/bin/ -batch
View Cut list                    : /usr/local/bin/ -view
In prozess                       : /usr/local/bin/ -count
Stop noad (killpid)              : /usr/local/bin/ -killpid
Stop noad (killall)?             : /usr/local/bin/ -killall
Remove all marks                 : /usr/local/bin/ -marks.vdr
Remove all pids                  : /usr/local/bin/


Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-s --statisticfile name of the file for statistic-data
-v --verbose increments the log-level, can be given multiple
-b --background start noad as backround-process
-p --priority priority when running as background-process [20...-20] default is 20
-c --comments adds comments to the marks in marks.vdr
-o --overlap try to detect repeating sequences before and after the break
-a --ac3 experimental: use ac3-sound for ad-detection
-j --jumplogo looks for vertical drifted logos
-O --OSD sends an OSD-Message to the running VDR-instance(localhost:2001) for Start and End
-S --savelogo saves the detected logo for later usage
-B --backupmarks saves an exsiting marks.vdr to marks0.vdr
-n --nelonen special behavior for finnish stations
-V --version shows the Version and exits


After using NoAd to mark all commercials in a recording you should re-check the marks. NoAd is not perfect and the telestations do some nasty things with their logos. So it's always better to manually check the cut marks before actually cutting.



[1] Noad homepage (oboselete)
[2] libmpeg2 Homepage
[3] ImageMagick homepage
[4] (mirror)
[5] Noad new home (german)