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The OSDTeletext plugin displays the videotext via OSD. So the current broadcast is not disabled as with the teletext-plugin.


Key Description
Up Seite weiter
Down Seite zurück
Right Unterseite weiter
Left Unterseite zurück
1..9 Seitenzahl eingeben

Hardware requirements

Software requirements


See plugin installation



Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-d DIR --directory=DIR the directory where the temporary files will be stored (default: /vtx, recommended: /tmp/vtx)
-n NUM --max-cache=NUM maximum size in megabytes of cache used to store the pages on the harddisk (default: a calculated value below 50 MB)
-s SYS --cache-system=SYS set the cache system to be used. Choose 'legacy' for the traditional one-file-per-page system. Default is "packed" for the one-file-for-a-few-pages system.
-R --no-receive do not receive and store teletext (deprecated - plugin will be useless)
-r --receive obsolete



[1] http://www.wiesweg-online.de/linux/linux.html Plugin homepage