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In computing, a patch is a software update meant to fix problems with a computer program. This can range from fixing bugs to replacing graphics to improving the usability or performance of a previous version. The term probably originates from the Unix patch command by Larry Wall. Though patches are meant to fix problems, sometimes patches introduce new ones.

After bringing in the patch the program has to be recompiled.

Patches for VDR

For VDR several patches exists. But these are not bug fixing patches, instead they improve or alter some behavier of VDR.

Here is a uncomplete list of patches

Plugin Description Maintainer (Please avoid nicknames!)
AC3overDVB Enables the digital out of the DVB card
AudioChannelSelect Switch between different audio channels
EasyInput Simplified text input
EnAIO Rename recordings and length of recordings
JumpPlay Jump between cutting marks Torsten Kunkel
LNBsharing Share one satellite cable between two cards Matthias Lötzke
MemoryNoEPGcxFlags Disables the EPG scan (4MB cards only)
MdkLIRC For LIRC Mandrake 9.1 RPMs
NoEPG Disables EPG data for external sources Torsten Kunkel
NrKbd Improved text input
PreferredChannel Startup channel
SetTime Enables VDR to set the time without root rights
SubMenu Submenus for the commands menu
SVDRPrename Rename recordings via SVDRP
WarEagleIcon Some icons for a nicer look Torsten Kunkel