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Plugins are small software programs, which are used by another program to extend its functionality. Plugins, such as those for VDR, are typically implemented as shared libraries and cannot run standalone.

VDR provides an easy to use plugin interface that allows additional functionality to be added to the program by implementing a dynamically loadable library file. This interface allows programmers to develop additional functionality for VDR completely separate from the core VDR source, without the need of patching the original VDR code (and all the problems of correlating various patches).


Many plugins where written for VDR and it is most likely that this list here is not up-to-date.

As you might possibly know there are different version of VDR available, the stable branch, designated for the end-user with a fixed plugin interface and the developer branch for the advanced and adventures user where everything is in a state of flux.

As the developer versions are normally rather stable most users tend to use them and hence many developers adapt their plugins to the latest VDR developer version. But this list doesn't show the VDR version needed for a plugin.


Plugin Description Maintainer (Please avoid nicknames!)
actuator Satellite dish rotor Luca Olivetti
admin Administrative tasks Helmut Auer
advertizing zapper
aide OSD Help browser SAD & Slava
alcd Activy300 LCD Display Markus Geisler
analogradio support for analog radio cards Sebastian Kuhlen
analogtv analog TV card as MPEG input device Andreas Kool
asterisk Asterisk voicebox
audiocd Audio CD Alexander Loehr
autotimeredit OSD autotimer Hardy Flor
avolctl sound card volume control
beep Beep Andreas Brachold
bitstreamout Dolby Digital over a sound card (ALSA sound driver) Werner Fink
browser Web Browser Marcel Schaeben
btrcu Bluetooth mobile as remote control
burn Burn DVDs of VDR recordings Sascha Volkenandt
calc Simple calculator Eric Svenson
calendar Shows the EPG data in form of a calendar Jan Rieger
cdda Audio CD Player
channelscan scanning satellite transponders
channelswitcher Switch between several channel settings ?
chanorg ? ?
cinebars Creates virtual bars around the video Andreas Brugger
clock shows a clock Mario Aistleitner
console Text console via OSD Jan Rieger
control displays the OSD on the console Jan Rieger
csf Sorts channels Juan Morra
decruft deletes channels as defined in setup
digicam Access to digital cameras Peter Juszack
director Use multifeed channels of Premiere Emanuel Wontorra
dsmcc Mhp data carousel (alpha) Richard Palmer
dummydevice dummy output device
dv Access to camcorder Erich Bachl
dvd DVD player plugin Andreas Schultz, Sven Goethel
dvdconvert dvd2vdr Ronny Frankowski
dvdselect mounts DVD drives Torsten Kunkel
dxr3 DXR 3/Hollywood+-card as MPEG output device Andreas Schultz, Stefan Schluenss, Christian Gmeiner
em84xx em84xx ass MPEG output device
epgsearch Search the EPG data Christian Wieninger
extb Controlling the VDR Extension Board Andreas Brachold
femon Shows the DVB signal quality Rolf Ahrenberg
fepg Shows EPG data graphically + navigation Alex L.
freecell FreeCell card game Sascha Volkenandt
games A little game collection Clemens Kirchgatterer
gbc GameBoy Emulator Jlac
gngb2vdr an obselete version of GameBoy Emulator Jlac
graphlcd several graphic LCDs Andreas Regel
graphtft drives TFT displays Lars Tegeler
hello A simple 'hello' plugin Klaus Schmidinger
iaxphone Iax (asterisk) softphone Luca Olivetti
image Image viewer plugin Andreas Brachold
ipod shows ITunesDB
isdnlog ISDN log Andreas Kool
joystick Use the joystick as remote control Andreas Regel
kathreinlcd I²C displays Sascha Volkenandt
launcher Starts other plugins Christian Wieninger
lcdproc Alphanummeric displays Martin Hammerschmid
lcr least cost router
lirc Lirc test plugin Emanuel Wontorra
loadepg import of epg data
locker ? ?
mailbox Simple email client Alexander Rieger
manual displays a manual Merten Falk
mediamvp Media MVP Dominic Morris
message-plugin message interface for shell scripts
mhp Mhp for VDR Marcel Wiesweg
mlcd Siemens Multitainer LCD display Meinrad Sauter
mldkgui Controls MLDonkey ?
mldonkey Controls MLDonkey Dominik Meyer
monochannel allows audio mono switching
mp3 MP3 Player Stefan Huelswitt
mplayer Plays divers Video formats (e.g. DivX) Stefan Huelswitt
mplayercluster remote MPlayer Sascha Volkenandt
muggle MP3 player with Database backend Andi Kellner, Lars von Wedel, Ralf Klueber
network Change netzwork settings Sebastian Ortwein
newsticker A simple newsticker Emanuel Wontorra
nordlichtsepg epg data overview sorted by time
openmhp free MHP implementation
osddemo Demonstrates the On-Screen-Display Klaus Schmidinger
osdimage Image viewer for the OSD Andreas Brugger
osdpip Picture-in-picture Sascha Volkenandt
osdteletext Teletext decoder for the OSD Marcel Wiesweg
osdtest256 Test plugin for a 4MB modded DVB card Oliver Endriss
parallelportcontroller demonstrate how to control pin parallel port Jlac
pcd Photo CD Thomas Heiligenmann
pilot Zapping Co-Pilot Olivier Jacques
pim Personal Information Manager Achim Tuffentsammer
playlist Playlists for recordings Hardy Flor
pluginsetup Manage plugins over OSD Andreas Fey
powermate Use the Griffin PowerMate to control some functions Andreas Regel
prefermenu Preferred channels Olivier Jacques
premiereepg premiereepg2vdr as plugin
pvr350 analog TV card as MPEG output device (only Hauppage PVR 350) Dominic Morris
pvrinput Hauppauge PVR x50 as analog TV card
pvrusb2 Hauppauge PVR usb2 as analog TV card
ptv Hauppauge PVR x50 as analog TV card
radio Background image for radio channels Lars Tegeler
remote Support of additional remote controls Oliver Endriss
rotor Drive the satellite dish rotor Thomas Bergwinkl
rssreader Shows RSS Streams on OSD Rolf Ahrenberg
safe usage of codes for some commands Torsten Kunkel
sc Software CAM (Conditional Access Modul) ?
screenshot Creates screenshots Joachim Wilke
serial Control VDR through keys connected to the serial interface Ralf Klueber
sked A OSD editor ?
skincurses ? Klaus Schmidinger
skinelchi Elchi Skin as plugin
skinnotrans Transparent OSD, e.g. for softdevice Torgeir Veimo
sky mpeg2 encoder plugin (auch als "dummy" input) Klaus Schmidinger
sleeptimer Runs commands/shutdown with "countdown" timer Thomas Koch
snapshot Creates screenshots Petri Hintukainen
softdevice Framebuffer as output device Roland Praml, Stefan Lucke
softdevice2net Use the network output device instead of the framebuffer ?
softplay playing media files with softdevice-plugin
solitaire Solitaire card game Patrick Maier
status OSD status Klaus Schmidinger
statusandquestion Extension of the SVDRP protocol Hardy Flor
statusbits ? Andreas Regel
statusleds Use the LED's of the keyboard Bernd Juraschek
streamdev Streaming Server/Client Sascha Volkenandt
streamplayer Video Stream Player
submenu Creation of submenus in VDR for everything
subtitles DVB subtitles decoder Pekka Virtanen
sudoku Generate and solve Number Place puzzles Thomas Günther
surfer News Browser
suspendoutput background picture for radio stations
sysinfo System informationen via OSD
taste Disable specific broadcasts after keywords Sascha Volkenandt
telecable epg import
teletext Teletext dekoder Peter Seyringer
text2skin A loader for OSD skins Sascha Volkenandt
timeline Shows collisions of programmed timers Jürgen Schmitz
transfron Frontend for transcode/MPEG4IP Daniel Pees
trayopen ? ?
ttxtsubs Teletext subtitles Ragnar Sundblad
tvonscreen TV-OnScreen EPG viewer Jürgen Schmitz
tvtv TVTV via OSD Gerald Berwolf
undelete Recovery of recordings marked for deletion Hardy Flor
usbremote Remote Plugin for Plug-USB (AVR) Lars Tegeler
vbox Frontend for the VBox answering machine Gunnar Roth
vcd S/VCD Player Thomas Heiligenmann
vdrc Commander file manager Gerald Berwolf
vdrcd AutoPlay function Sascha Volkenandt
vdrconvert ? Dimitrios Dimitrakos
vdricq ICQ Client
vdrmail eMail plugin Peter Seyringer
vdrrec plays VDR recordings from DVD/CD
vdrrip Movie encoder Herbert Attenberger
viewer ? Gerhard Steiner
vompserver Media MVP connection Chris Tallon
wapd Remote control through WAP Thomas Heiligenmann
weather Weather informationen Steffen Moldaner
weatherng weather information via internet
x10 control of x10 devices
x11out X11 over DVB Jürgen Schmitz
xine ? Reinhard Nissl
xineliboutput X11 frontend for VDR Petri Hintukainen
xvxine ? Mike Pieper
xxvautotimer editing xxv auto timer via OSD
yaepg shows EPG data ?
zaphistory zapping history


[1] Plugin list on the VDR homepage