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(Plugins zur Administration des Systems)
(Umwandeln und Archivieren von Mediadateien)
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==== Umwandeln und Archivieren von Mediadateien ====
==== Transcoding and Archiving of Media ====
| [[:Category:Transcoding und Brenn-Plugins]]
| [[:Category:Transcoding and Burn-Plugins]]
* Wandeln von Mediendateien in andere Formate
* Transcoding Media files
* Erzeugen von CDs, DVDs und ähnlichen Datenträgern
* generate CDs, DVDs and similar
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Plugins by Topic

Audio and Video

Plugin Category Description

Audio and Video Receiving

Category:Input-Plugins Using Audio and Video in VDR:

Displaying Audio and Video

Category:Output-Plugins Output of Audio and Video:
  • via graphics card
  • Streaming to clients in a network
  • via special hardware
  • other possibilities of Outputting Audio and Video via Plugin

Audio & Video Tools

Category:Audio and Video Tools Accessories to Audio and Video
  • Displaying informationens like Bitrate, Resolution, Audio Tracks
  • ID3 Tags
  • Changing Size and Position of Video window
  • control sound card mixer
  • Screenshots

HTPC Accessories

Plugin Category Description

Atmolight & Co.

Category:Atmo-Light TV Backlight, similar to Philips Atmolight
  • Atmolight
  • Seduatmo
  • SolarStorm

Remote Control & IR Senders

Category:RemoteControl Using
  • IR remote controllers
  • radio remote controllers
  • Bluetooth remote controllers
  • Android Phones/Pads as remote controller
  • Plugins for remote control via Telnet/SSH/..
  • Joysticks
  • Griffin Powermate

Additional Displays

Category:External_Display control Displays
  • TFTs
  • Text displays like VFT or text LCD
  • Touchscreens


Plugin Category Description

EPG & Teletext

Category:EPG_and_Co Plugins related to the Electronic Program Guide(EPG)
  • Import of EPG Data
  • extended Program Guides/Views
  • create automatic Timers
  • Searches in Program Guides

Media Players

Category:Mediaplayer-Plugins Play local Media:
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • ISO Images


Category:PayTV All Plugins related to PayTV.
  • additional Sky channels
  • using your Abo card

Skin support for VDR


Modify VDR GUI


Category:Game-Plugins Spiele für den VDR
  • Gameboy Emulator
  • Hattrik
  • Tetris
  • Soccer Results

Timers & Recordings

Category:Timer- and Recordingplugins All Timer and Recording plugins
  • Show Timer Overlappings
  • Timerverwaltung
  • Automatisches Anlegen von Timern
  • Anlegen von Timern von anderen Geräten und aus dem Internet
  • Wiederherstellung von gelöschten Aufnahmen

Transcoding and Archiving of Media

Category:Transcoding and Burn-Plugins
  • Transcoding Media files
  • generate CDs, DVDs and similar


Plugin Category Description

Plugins for System Administration

Category:Admin-Plugins System Administration:
  • admistrate other Plugins
  • monitor CPU, RAM usage, Disk usage und temperatures
  • Interaction with shell scripts, tools and daemons
  • Childlock for VDR

Channel Lists, TV channels scanning & TV reception status

Category:Channelscanner and ReceivingStatus channel list management for analogue and digital TV:
  • searching channels
  • manage channel lists
  • check function and signal of TV-cards


Plugin Description
  ttxtsubs Teletext-Viewer
  sleeptimer "countdown"-counter for shutdown VDR or exec commands
  mlist History of OSD-messages
  uactivity exec Shell scripts on change of user activity
  cpumon CPU monitor
  screenshot make Screenshots
  fritzbox incoming call monitor
  rssreader RSS-reader
  mailbox simple email client
  lcr telephone least cost routing
  mldkgui MLDonkey-Plugin
  eggtimer an egg timer
  vompserver controls Hauppauge MediaMVP and/or Windows Clients
  kvdrmon support plugin for kvdrmon, an KDE Kicker-Applet
  live Live - Live Interactive VDR Environment
  osdserver VDR OSD-access for cli via TCP/IP

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