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original Author: Andreas Regel

current development: Martin Dauskardt, Lars Hanisch

This plugin allows you to use analogue TV with a ivtv supported PVR-card with integrated hardware MPEG encoder. Please use the most recent versions of this plugin.

Channel scanning for this plugin can be done using the command line tool w_pvrscan or with using the wirbelscan-plugin.


Hardware Requirements

  • ivtv supported PVR card with integrated hardware encoder
    • PVR150
    • PVR250
    • PVR350
    • PVR500
    • PVRUSB2 (since 2008-06-01)
    • HVR 1900 (since 2008-06-01)
    • HD PVR (since Version 2010-03-27-rc1)

Software Requirements

  • ivtv driver(Version 1.x.x., since 2.6.22 in Kernel)
  • pvrusb2 driver for PVRUSB2 and HVR 1900/1950
  • hdpvr driver for HD PVR


  • vdr < 1.7.13 needs patch (see plugin source code)



[1] pvrinput git repository pvrinput git repo
[2] Announce Thread for pvrinput-2010-04-03-rc1 (German vdrportal-Forum) Announce Thread for pvrinput-2010-04-03-rc1 (German vdrportal-Forum; just try english if you dont speak german..)