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Infrared remote controls
Infrared remote controls
* MD6461|Tevion / Medion MD6461 und MD46XX
* MD6461|Tevion / Medion MD6461 and MD46XX
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One of the most important items for VDR is the remote control. No one really wants to control his TV set with a cable bound computer keyboard.

One can distinguish between radio and infrared remote controls.

radio remote controls

  • ATI USB Remote Wonder (works under LIRC)

Infrared remote controls

  • MD6461|Tevion / Medion MD6461 and MD46XX
RC of Nova-T
RC of old Nexus
One-for-All 7040

nearly every codes of IR remote controls can be leared with irrecord for LIRC. Configuration file for many of them can be downloaded from the LIRC homepage. One exception is the IR input for Hauppauge DVB-s cards with IR input. Communication for these is accomplished directly using the linux DVB driver and vdr, after initialization with the av7110_loadkeys utility application.

To use ac7110_loadkeys you need an rc5 initialization file (supplied with the application) and then you run
av7110_loadkeys hauppauge_grey.rc5 > /proc/av7110_ir
to initialize the IR driver.


[1] http://home.swiftdsl.com.au/~tmccoy Construction manual for a infrared receiver
[3] http://www.lirc.org LIRC homepage