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Savvy stands for Savvy Audio file Via Video clip Yanker

Savvy can extract clips from a recording of the Get the Clip broadcast of VIVA Plus(tm) and save them as MP3 files.


  • Accepts a VDR recording a source
  • Recognises the interpret an title of the clip through OCR
  • Synchronise the rcognition with the HTML page oof the broadcast
  • ID3 tag creation
  • Volume normalisation

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

  • MPlayer
  • lame
  • libmpeg2
  • normalize (optional)


For MPlayer see mplayer-plugin

To install libmpeg2

tar -xvzf mpeg2dec-<VERSION>.tar.gz
cd mpeg2dec-<VERSION>
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
make install

and normalise

tar -jxvf normalize-<VERSION>.tar.bz2
cd normalize-<VERSION>
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
make install

To compile savvy with libmpeg2 version 0.4.0 (mpeg2dec-0.4.0) the sources have to be patched.

The patch can be found here.

tar -xvzf savvy-<VERSION>.tgz
cd savvy.<VERSION>
zcat savvy.0.12b.diff.gz | patch -p1

In src/video.c line 602 has to be altered

- case -1:

Now, savvy should compile without errors

chmod 777 compile

Tip: It's important to decompress savvy in parallel to mpeg2dec-0.4.0, otherwise compile is to be adjusted

# Set this according to your folder containing the (compiled) libmpeg


Savvy is best started from within the reccmds.conf

Start savvy : /usr/local/bin/
Stop savvy? : killall savvy

For testing purposes one should make use of the commandline.

Settings are stored in settings. But there is not much to alter.

#Temporary data path (~double the size of the capture file is needed!)
#Warning: Currently no spaces or other special characters allowed!
#Note: remember the last "/"!
#MP3 Data path (The folder, where resulting files should be created)
#Warning: Currently no spaces or other special characters allowed!
#Note: remember the last "/"!


See here


Parameter Description
-v[vvv] Verbose output (You may add multiple v's)
-indy Don't use track list "./gettheclip.html"
-t Shows the track list
-a Create a special audio stream
-w Interprete AudioStream as wave file
-nd Don't delete temporate files
-nn Don't run "normalize"
-sc Save cut infos after checking to "./cutfile"
-lc Load and execute cutfile "./cutfile"


[1] savvy homepage
[2] MPlayer homepage
[3] Lame, a mp3 encoder
[4] Mpeg2dec (libmpeg2) homepage
[5] Normalize homepage