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Since a Linux driver for DXR2 exists ([1]), would it be possible to use it with VDR?
One more daring question: is there any volunteer for "recycling" the driver for use with the Cinemaster C 1.2/3.0 decoder cards? After all, it uses the same (or better) chip, namely ZiVA DS-C. The other chips are: Bt865AKPF, ZR36125PQC, TI PCM1723E, TDA7433D and Xilinx XC9536. (Cinemaster C 1.2E)
See [2] for details about the cards.

--Pepax 22:05, 1 March 2006 (CET)

If that driver has v4l2 Interface it might be possible if the dxr2 accepts MPEG2. But you need to write a matching plugin too I'm afraid. So you have to think about wether it really makes sense to write something for really old hardware or simply bying cheap newer one. wirbel

Dunno abouth v4l compatiblity, however mplayer can output to it. I guess it accepts MPEG2 since it can play DVDs. :) I'm afraid I don't know anything about writing plugins. Is there a special page about it?
Well it may make sense to people who already have it or bought it really cheap ie a lot cheaper than the price of PVR-350. (It usually costs 10 times less so buying PVR-350 only for its output IMHO doesn't make sense.)
Anyway, what makes me interested in its driver is the fact that it shares most chips with Cinemaster C 1.2E which I have. There is also the 3.0 version using a newer C-Cube chip (hopefully compatible) built in many notebooks like Toshiba Portégé (7020CT) and Tecra. One guy has even started writing a driver for it [3].
So I am not yet convinced it is completely useless. After all, why are there so many drivers for ancient devices in the Linux kernel? ;-)
--Pepax 15:58, 2 March 2006 (CET)

You can buy a dxr3 for 30€ or even less, so what? But anyway, you're welcome to do it. The pvr350 has the advantage having a analogue tv tuner as well as a FM radio tuner. So it's not really comparable. wirbel

I bought my Cinemaster a few years ago for less than 10€. And there are certainly more owners, you can find their questions about compatibility even on Mythtv and other discussion boards. Oh and I wouldn't dare comparing the two as a whole, only as an output device. If you can buy a TV card with a hardware MPEG encoder for about 40€ it'll make you a nice set way cheaper than PVR-350. Not that I wouldn't like having one.... ;-)
P.S. Oh yeah I wish I could program drives, I would spend all my time writing ones for the most prehistoric hardware you have ever heard of. :) :) :) P.P.S. The TV card I'm waiting for is Club3d zap-tv1000 so I guess I will have to visit the V4l wiki very soon. ;) Didn't see it listed as compatible anywhere.