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We're only interested in high quality details to create choices and plan. The internet and television is filled with far too several opinions instead of sufficient factual info to formulate an educated opinion or basis. I tend to arrive to forums like this normally to see what the 'meeting from the minds' have collectively laid down as 'law'.

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Welches Sockel-A µATX-Board eignet sich wohl am besten für VDR (Chipsätze etc., keine Linux-Schwierigkeiten wg. fehlenden Treibern, ...)? (Welches hiervon: http://geizhals.at/?cat=mbk75_ddr&sort=artikel&bpmax=&asuch=%B5ATX&asd=on&filter=+Angebote+anzeigen+)

Oder generell ... welches ATX-Mainboard und welcher Prozessor (AMD) ist locker ausreichend?

Sorry - but this is neither a chat nor a forum. Please ask your question in a forum/portal/chat. As you're writing German http://www.vdr-portal.de might be the appropriate board for you. See you there,