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What is VDR Wiki?

VDR Wiki is an open reference book about installation and operation of a digital VCR named Video Disk Recorder (VDR). VDR is developed by Klaus Schmidinger together with a large community contributing extentions.

Why VDR Wiki?

This is the english version of the original german VDR Wiki, which should be seen as a supplement to the (mostly) german www.vdr-portal.de site.

Which are the merits of VDR Wiki?

Other than a forum or a mailinglist whose merits lies in the vital change of views, a wiki is best for accumulating, concentrating and arranging knowledge. Hence a wiki cat contribute to consolidation of knowledge. Software and especially open source software is a rapidly changing area. This can be problematic, but we think it's worth in view of the large knowledge areas.

Which hopes do we connect with VDR Wiki?

When we manage to filter a generally binding knowledge base from the VDR community that could release the portal and mailinglist from traffic. Newbies can consult the wiki on the basis of schematas, installation descriptions and simple search routines. And after this they can ask more accurate questions to the community. The developers and advanced users can create and enhance documentation.

How should an open wikimanual function?

This is the main question everybody asks ;-) When you are able to provide information to improve the quality, then just do it.

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