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How to link to internal and external pages from VDR Wiki articles?

What happens What one type

A simple link to
VDR Wiki:About.

A '''simple link''' to <br/>
[[VDR Wiki:About]].

Another name for a link

'''Another name for a link''' <br/>
[[VDR Wiki:About|About]].

Link to a subchapter
VDR Wiki:About#How should an open wikimanual fuction?.

'''Link to a subchapter''' <br/>
[[VDR Wiki:About#How should an open wikimanual fuction?]].

When the first part of a word is the link it expands to the whole word: Patches.

When '''the first part of a word''' is the link,
it expands to the whole word: [[Patch]]es.

How to hide text in brackets and namenspaces automatically
About und Titanic

How to '''hide text in brackets and namenspaces automatically''' <br/>
[[VDR Wiki:About|]] und [[Titanic (Film)|]]

Links to nonexistent articles
The weather is a nonexistent page.

(clicking in this red links creates the article)

'''Links to nonexistent articles''' <br/>
[[Das weather]] is a nonexistent page.

various link forms

Hint: the inclusion of external links takes place with one square bracket only, in contrast to the other internal links. Also missing is the upright bar which seperates link and description, it's now a whitespace. Without any description automatic numbering takes place. Please limit the overall number of links, we are no link list.

'''various link forms'''
* [http://www.nupedia.com Nupedia]
* http://www.nupedia.com - description
* [http://www.nupedia.com]
  • interwiki links

These are links to articles in other wikis, such as the german VDR wiki, or the LinuxTV wiki. One can distinguish between normal and language links.

  • Language links (e.g. to the german VDR wiki) produces a language menu with a list of all languages which linked to in the current article.

Normal interwiki links just look like any other simple internal link. linuxtv:VDR

* language link...
[[de:VDR Wiki:Links]]
* normal interwiki link...