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Willkommen bei VDR-Wiki

VDR Wiki, like the encyclopaedia of the international Wikipedia projects, is a generally and freely available reference book. Unlike in Wikipedia, installation instuctions for software is most welcome here. The character of a handbook outweighs the character of an encyclopaedia. This wiki grows slowly but constantly: at the moment there exist 356 articles ;-). Thanks to the Wiki-conzept, everybody can contribute information to the knowledge base and work as an author, even without registration. The first steps are truly easy!

The content of VDR Wiki falls under the GNU Free Dokumentation License. Which means: it is and will be free forever.


  • All pages - A list of all 356 articles in VDR Wiki.
  • Popular pages - A list of the most popular articles.
  • Wanted pages - A list of wanted but currently unwritten articles. Here is your knowledge in great demand!
  • New pages - A list of recently added articles.
  • Uncategorized pages - A list of uncategorized articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i get help?

Here is a list of help and talk pages where you can search for answers or ask questions.

Can i really "just" edit some pages?

Yes. To edit a page just click on the "edit" link. But: Please read Help and look at other already existing pages and their markup to learn more.

Great, then i can put some information about VDR i have online

Yes, but...

Is there a dedicated testbed to experiment with the wiki markup?

Yes - there is the Sandbox.

How to create new pages?

Just search for the wanted title using the "Go" button, if the page doesn't exist, you can find a link to create such an article. Please look at some already existing pages to get a feeling for the structure used in this wiki.


Whats the purpose of the "diskussion" link?

The talk pages are used for comments, criticism and questions about the respective article.

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