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* [[Template:Box Hint|<nowiki>{{Box Hint|Text}}</nowiki>]]
* [[Template:Box Hint|<nowiki>{{Box Hint|Text}}</nowiki>]]
* [[Template:Box Hint|<nowiki>{{Box Warning|Text}}</nowiki>]]
* [[Template:Box Hint|<nowiki>{{Box Warning|Text}}</nowiki>]]
'''And here are some boxes for the news site'''. They get two parameters, the date and the actual news text.
* [[Template:News Normal|<nowiki>{{News Normal|Date|Text}}</nowiki>]]
* [[Template:News Hot|<nowiki>{{News Hot|Date|Text}}</nowiki>]]

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Templates are ready to use constructs of wiki syntax. They are useful for frequently used text or other unchanging things that are used more often.

One can use a template by inserting {{template_name|option1|option2}} in the text. It is then replace by the template content together with the option in the generated text. That means, changing a template changes the text in all articles the template is used in.

If this is not intended prepend a subst: to the template name as in {{subst:template_name}}.

Template list

Here are the templates listed, that exist for VDR Wiki.

These are article skeletons. Create an empty article, place the appropiate template in it (with a prepended subst: before the template name, save the article and edit it again. The basic structure is now in place.

These are some info boxes. They get the info text as parameter.


Create empty article and place

{{subst:Article (plugin)}}

save, and edit again, the content is now in place.

Place this somewhere in an article

{{Box Hint|
This is a hint.

and save it. The resulting page show noch a Box with the text This is a hint in it. Edit it again. Again the call of the template is there, not the content.