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Templates are ready to use constructs of wiki syntax. They are useful for frequently used text or other unchanging things that are used more often.

One can use a template by inserting {{template_name|option1|option2}} in the text. It is then replace by the template content together with the option in the generated text. That means, changing a template changes the text in all articles the template is used in.

If this is not intended prepend a subst: to the template name as in {{subst:template_name}}.

Here are the templates listed, that exist for VDR Wiki.

These are article skeletons. Create an empty article, place the appropiate template in it (with a prepended subst: before the template name, save the article and edit it again. The basic structure is now in place.

  • {{Article (plugin)}}
  • {{Article (plugin ext)}}
  • {{Article (patch)}}

These are some info boxes. They get the info text as parameter.

  • {{Box Hint|Text}}
  • {{Box Warning|Text}}