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A small overview of all commandline parameters supported by VDR.

VDR is started by: vdr [OPTIONS]

Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-a CMD --audio=CMD sendet das Dolby Digital Audio-Signal an den Standardeingang des Befehls CMD
-a CMD --audio=CMD send Dolby Digital audio to stdin of command CMD
-c DIR --config=DIR read config files from DIR (default is to read them from the video directory)
-d --daemon run in daemon mode
-D NUM --device=NUM use only the given DVB device (NUM = 0, 1, 2...) there may be several -D options (default: all DVB devices will be used)
-E FILE --epgfile=FILE write the EPG data into the given FILE (default is epg.data in the video directory) -E- disables this if FILE is a directory, the default EPG file will be created in that directory
-h --help print this help and exit
-l LEVEL --log=LEVEL set log level (default: 3)
  • 0 = no logging, 1 = errors only,
  • 2 = errors and info, 3 = errors, info and debug if logging should be done to LOG_LOCALn instead of LOG_USER, add '.n' to LEVEL, as in 3.7 (n=0..7)
-L DIR --lib=DIR search for plugins in DIR (default is ./PLUGINS/lib)
-m --mute mute audio of the primary DVB device at startup
-p PORT --port=PORT use PORT for SVDRP (default: 6419) 0 turns off SVDRP
-P OPT --plugin=OPT load a plugin defined by the given options
-r CMD --record=CMD call CMD before and after a recording
-s CMD --shutdown=CMD call CMD to shutdown the computer
-t TTY --terminal=TTY controlling tty
-v DIR --video=DIR use DIR as video directory (default: /video)
-V --version print version information and exit
-w SEC --watchdog=SEC activate the watchdog timer with a timeout of SEC seconds (default: 0); '0' disables the watchdog

Plugins: vdr -P"name [OPTIONS]"

Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-a ABC --aaa=ABC Some parameter
-b --bbb Another parameter