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| [1]
| [1]
| http://vdr.heiligenmann.de/download
| http://www.heiligenmann.de/vdr/download
| Plugin homepage
| Plugin homepage
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The wapd plugin lets VDR listen to WAP requests to allow remote control by WML enabled browsers - eg. mobile devices - and is called WAP daemon or wapd.

Hardware requirements

Software requirements


See plugin installation


The plugin needs two files in his configuration directory

  • waphosts : controls host based access and is similar to svdrp.hosts
  • wapaccess : controls user based access. The format is similar to apache's htpasswd file format and holds lines in the form user:passwdhash. Apache's htpasswd utility can be used to create and edit the wapaccess file.


Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-p PORT --port=PORT use PORT for WAP (default: 8888)



[1] http://www.heiligenmann.de/vdr/download Plugin homepage