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Webvideo plugin is a tool for browsing and downloading videos from popular video sharing websites, such as YouTube and Google video, using VDR menu interface or a command line client. With the help of xineliboutput plugin the videos can be played directly without downloading them first.

Supported video sites:


Key Description
OK Follow a link, or start downloading a media file
Red Go back to the previous menu
Green Go forward in browsing history
Yellow Show download status screen. In status screen: Cancel the selected download
Blue Play media object without downloading
Info Show details of a media object

Software requirements


  • libmms 0.4 or later (for downloading mms URLs)


cd /put/your/path/here/VDR/PLUGINS/src
tar -xzf /put/your/path/here/vdr-webvideo-X.Y.Z.tgz
cd webvideo-X.Y.Z
make install
cd ..
ln -s webvideo-X.Y.Z/vdr-plugin webvideo
cd /put/your/path/here/VDR
make plugins



Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-d dir --downloaddir=dir Save downloaded files to dir. The default path is the VDR video directory.
-s server --server=server Connect to server. Default is localhost.
-p port --port=port Connect to port. Default is 2357.
-c cmd --daemoncmd=cmd Command for starting webvid

Use with mplayer

To use this plugin with vdr-mplayer plugin you have to add /tmp to mplayersources.conf like this:



[1] http://users.tkk.fi/~aajanki/vdr/webvideo Plugin homepage