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This page is a loose translation of the page about the xmltv2vdr-plugin available in the german wiki.

Current Version

Version 0.1.1


xmltv2vdr is a plugin for the VDR that imports EPG-Data into the VDR. By itself, it does not fetch any EPG-Data; the EPG-Data has to be supplied by third-party software to xmltv2vdr in xmltv format.

The third-party software to fetch the EPG-Data is not part of xmltv2vdr because of legal issues (cf VG_Media).

Software requirements

libxml2, libsqlite3, libpcre

VDR >= 1.6.0


Assuming that the xmltv2vdr plugin has been installed on the VDR in conjunction to third-party software that uses the xmltv2vdr plugin to get the EPG-Data into the VDR, the configuration about what EPG-Data sources to use and what channels of the source correspond to what channels of the VDR is completely done in the OSD of the VDR. The OSD of the xmltv2vdr plugin can be accessed under the plugins settings.