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This page is a loose translation of the page about the xmltv2vdr-plugin available in the german wiki.

Current Version

Version 0.1.1


xmltv2vdr is a plugin for the VDR that imports EPG-Data into the VDR. By itself, it does not fetch any EPG-Data; the EPG-Data has to be supplied by third-party software to xmltv2vdr in xmltv format.

The third-party software to fetch the EPG-Data is not part of xmltv2vdr because of legal issues (cf VG_Media).

Software requirements

libxml2, libsqlite3, libpcre

VDR >= 1.6.0


Assuming that the xmltv2vdr plugin has been installed on the VDR in conjunction to third-party software that uses the xmltv2vdr plugin to get the EPG-Data into the VDR, the configuration about

* what EPG-Data sources to use
* what channels of the source correspond to what channels of the VDR
* other configurations like frequency of updates, etc.

is completely done in the OSD of the VDR.

The OSD of the xmltv2vdr plugin can be accessed under the plugins settings.