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                "title": "API",
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                "title": "Main Page",
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                        "user": "Voidxor",
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                        "contentmodel": "wikitext",
                        "*": "__NOTOC__\n__NOEDITSECTION__\n\n<div style=\"background-color:#6289AB; padding:0.3em; color:#ffffff; font-weight:bold; font-size:150%; text-align:center\">\nWelcome to the V4L-DVB Wiki !\n</div>\n{| valign=top background=none\n|valign=top|\n<div style=\"vertical-align:top; margin:0; border:1px solid #6289AB; padding:0.5em; background-color:#ffffff\">\n\n{|valign=top cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=100%\n\n|valign=top bgcolor=#F7F9FB width=49%|\n==What is this wiki about?==\nThis wiki is intended to be an authoritative source of information regarding the use of analog video and digital TV sources under Linux (i.e. [[What is V4L or DVB?|the subject matters covered under the V4L & DVB frameworks]]). The basic plan is to aggregate information about available hardware, how V4L or DVB work, software used with the hardware and so forth. Like all other wikis, the V4L-DVB wiki relies upon the contributions of its users. Hence, it will only be as useful as we make it!\n\n<div style=\"text-align:right\">\u2013 [[LinuxTVWiki:People|The LinuxTV V4L-DVB wiki team]] / [[People behind V4L-DVB]]</div>\n\n|valign=top bgcolor=#F7F9FB width=2%|\n|valign=top bgcolor=#F7F9FB width=49%|\n\n==How can I help with the wiki?==\nWe encourage you to share your knowledge and help with the task of turning this site into a grand repository of knowledge. Your input, whether it be for providing a set of instructions as to how to get a certain device working, or an explanation for some complex concept, or improving an existing article by correcting something even as simple as a spelling mistake, will be highly appreciated. Here are a few basic links that can help you get started:\n* [[Help:Contents|Everything you need to know about editing wiki pages but were afraid to ask]]\n* [[Wiki - Help Wanted List|A list of things that need to be tackled]] \n* [[Wiki - New Device Copy & Paste Template|New-device copy-and-paste template]]\n|}\n|}\n</div>\n\n{| style=\"border: solid 1px; border-color:#6289AB; margin: oem; background-color: #6289AB;\" cellspacing=5 cellpadding=1 width=\"100%\"\n| valign=top |\n\n{| cellspacing=0 cellpadding=5 border=0 width=\"100%\"\n\n\n| valign=top  | [[File:index.png|50px]]\n| valign=top  | '''[[Special:Allpages|The Wiki's Indexes]]'''<br><small>Article, category, image, .... \n| valign=top ; style=\"background-color:#FFFFCC;\" | [[File:User Info icon.png|50px]]\n| valign=top ; style=\"background-color:#FFFFCC;\" | '''[[User information]]'''<br><small>How to install drivers for your hardware, and software to use with your device, ... \n| valign=top ; style=\"background-color:#F5DEB3;\" | [[File:Technical background icon.png|50px]]\n| valign=top ; style=\"background-color:#F5DEB3;\" | '''[[Technical background]]'''<br><small>Technical details on standards and hardware components/chipsets, etc\n|-\n|-\n|-\n\n| valign=top | [[File:More info.png|50px|]]\n| valign=top | '''[[Other sources of info]]'''<br><small>Mailing lists, #irc channels....\n| valign=top ; style=\"background-color:#FFFFCC;\" | [[File:Hardware icon.png|50px]]\n| valign=top ; style=\"background-color:#FFFFCC;\" | '''[[Hardware device information]]'''<br><small>Information on hardware devices \n| valign=top ; style=\"background-color:#F5DEB3;\" | [[File:Developer icon.png|50px]]\n| valign=top ; style=\"background-color:#F5DEB3;\" | '''[[Developer section]]'''<br><small>Information to help device driver development\n|-\n|-\n|-\n\n|}\n|}\n\n\n<div style=\"vertical-align:top; margin:0; border:1px solid #6289AB; padding:0.5em; background-color:#ffffff\">\n{| valign=top cellpadding=0 cellspacing=5 width=100%\n| [[File:News icon2.png|50px]] '''GENERAL NEWS:'''<br>\n|-\n| align=right| <span style=\"font-size: 90%;\">''For older news items see [[News Archive|here]]</span>\n|}\n</div>\n\n[[Category:LinuxTV]]"