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An ATSC PCI card from ADS Tech.

Its supported under Linux since Kernel 2.6.28 [1].


a dual RF input pci card

It supports both analog (NTSC) and Digital (8-VSB and 256-QAM) sources.

ADS Tech Instant HDTV PCI ... highly similar to the KWorld ATSC 110

    • PTV-380-EF revision lacks A/V inputs
    • PTV-381-EF (oem) revision has an A/V input DIN on board, but access to it is blocked by the bracket
    • PTV-382-EF revision has an A/V input

Components Used

  • Philips TUV1236D NIM
    • Infineon TUA6034 (tuner)
    • Philips TDA9887 (analog IF demodulator)
    • ATI Nxt2004 (digital demodulator for 8VSB & 256/64-QAM)
  • Philips SAA7135 (A/V decoder & PCI bridge)



Making it work


This card requires a firmware file (dvb-fe-nxt2004.fw1) for the demodulator, which can be obtained using the get_dvb_firmware perl script included in the kernel sources:

# cd /[kernel source directory]/Documentation/dvb/
# perl get_dvb_firmware nxt2004

Once the download is complete, place a copy of the firmware file in your /lib/firmware directory. (This directory may differ with some distros; consult your distro's documentation for the appropriate location).

Note 1: All devices that use the Nxt2004 demodulator are currently using a firmware version from the AVerMedia AVerTVHD MCE A180. As the firmware's code has not been discerned, it is unclear whether other firmware for the Nxt2004 (i.e. those provided by other devices) would have any affect on reception performance.


Sample kernel output

Remote control support

External Links

  • ADS Tech product page