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USB Video

For more information about how to write an usb video driver, review the article's history (see the history tab at the top of the page).

Information is also contained in the similar DVB wiki article: How to develop drivers for USB based devices.

What we need from you to get your USB Device work

Requested Devices

Please don't make requests in the wiki -- instead, inquiries about your device should be made to the mailing list.

please see for a list of supported/unsupported usb TV tuners

Device Status
Genius TVGO u202 video/audio works (720x288 non interlaced half frames, Audio USB Audio) - no tuning yet
ALI Corp 1.3M Pixel USB 2.0 Bad quality video yet
uli-m9205 Only dvb-t support.
Aiptek USB DualCam
Hauppauge WinTV USB 2.0 -- AUDIO!
SIIG AVTuner Pro with guidance, I might be able to get it working. Note that lsusb reports an em2821 but the em28xx driver doesn't recognize it.
MSI Mega Sky 580 Both versions are supported. (0db0:5580/1 Micro Star International)
Club3D ZapTV-240M ? (10fd:1513 Anubis Electronics, Ltd) Also known as MSI Digi Vox Mini II
ADS DVDxpressDX2 ? (06e1:0709 ADS Technologies, Inc)
Adaptec Gamebridge 1400

SSIG AVTuner Pro -- send an email to the v4l mailinglist or to a v4l developer, we can't help you unless we have any contact data.

Best thing would be to donate(prefered of course for the work :) or send your device to a developer for a few weeks