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The devices USB Model VC-211A, which can be found with the logos of ACTionMaster, Digitus or LinXcel, were added as card = 74 in cardlist of the em28xx driver at November 26, 2009, by the developer Mauro Chehab. These devices are erroneously recognized by the command "lsusb" as:

Bus 001 Device 002: ID eb1a:2800 eMPIA Technology, Inc. Terratec Cinergy 200

But they are simpler.Besides not having audio processor, are devoid of tuner and EEPROM. And why not have EEPROM, the driver v4l2 needs editing a file *. conf to recognize it and set it up correctly as CARD = 74 (VC-211A - ACTionMaster, or LinXcel Digitus). This can be done in the console as follows:

$ sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/captura.conf

In this file, you must edit and save with the following parameters:

options em28xx card=6 core_debug=1

Obviously, until that amendment to em28xx kernel is integrated into the various Linux distributions that use v4l2, the user that have a VC-211A should download the tree v4l2 and compile the driver as guides on page How_to_Obtain, _Build_and_Install_V4L-DVB_Device_Drivers.

Before this change, the resolution of 720x480 required by v4l2 version 0.1.2 was not compatible with the captors VC-211A and older ones, since they only work with 640x480. This error generated a loss of data causing the captured image does not exceed the maximum of 360x240. This whole problem has been corrected by the master Mauro Chehab, which is worthy of respect and gratitude of the entire Linux community and especially the fans for the video capture.