Prof Revolution DVB-S2 7500 USB

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A DVB-S2 USB 2.0 Device from Prof Tuners Group


This is a USB 2.0 device capable of receiving DVB-S and DVB-S2 transponders.

Components Used

  • Tuner STB6100
  • Demodulator STV0903


Vendor ID: 3034
Product ID: 7500

Making it Work

This device is supported in the kernel since 2.6.34. You only need to put the firmware file dvb-usb-p7500.fw into the /lib/firmware directory. Unfortunately Prof Tuners didn't put the firmware on their website. The firmware can be downloaded from this (Russian) forum: The download has the name dvb-usb-p7500.fw.txt, rename it to dvb-usb-p7500.fw, then put it into /lib/firmware. I can confirm this works without any problems in Ubuntu 12.04.

Quality of the device

This device has a solid metal case. Signal strength is great, much better than many other devices (for example Digital Devices Cine S2). The device can get a bit warm.


Not many shops sell this device. Probably your best (and cheapest) option is to buy it from Prof Tuners itself:

Other info

If you are having issues with it locking high bitrate HD feeds look here... [1]

download edilecek dosyalar

Dikkat! kernel-module-headers kurulu olmalı...

Buradaki dosyayı açıp klasöre giriyoruz (


make install

Şimdi de prof_7500_v4l_dvb.patch dosyanın olduğu dizinde

cat prof_7500_v4l_dvb.patch | patch -p1 -N

komutunu verip sürekli enter ladım...

bu dosyayı "dvb-usb-p7500.fw" /lib/firmware/ klasörüne kopyaladım

sudo cp dvb-usb-p7500.fw /lib/firmware/

Kaffeine yi çalıştırdım cihazı gördü kanalları muhteşem kaliteli gözteriyor..


Sistemim Pardus Linux i686

AMD 6000+

nvidia 9500 gt

2GB ram


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