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The following works. Kernel 3.2.1 didn't even have this entry. --dattaway

I'd like to mention here after much struggle with this I was able to get it to work by adding two simple lines to a file (in Ubuntu 10.10).

Get the current release as described on this site (the easy way) run the following commands: make -C linux/ download make -C linux/ untar

the edit ~/media_build/linux/drivers/media/video/au0828/au0828-cards.c

At the very end of the file you will see { USB_DEVICE(0x2040, 0x8200), .driver_info = AU0828_BOARD_HAUPPAUGE_WOODBURY },

Add this to the line immediately following:

       { USB_DEVICE(0x05e1, 0x0400),
               .driver_info = AU0828_BOARD_HAUPPAUGE_WOODBURY },

{ },

then type make.

Note, this only works on the Sabrent card with the tda18271 chipset but it works now flawlessly after messing around for 2 years.